Farewell to Sweete®

We regret that it is time to say farewell to Sweete for Cooking and Baking and to Sweete as a brand of natural Stevia-based sweetener in New Zealand.

Our remaining stock of Sweete for Cooking and Baking expires on 2nd February 2015.

We wish to offer our loyal customers an opportunity to purchase this at a 50% discount off our regular website shop price.

Orders must be placed before 18th December 2014.

Baking-Pack (2)

Sweete for cooking and baking

Natural sweetener made with Stevia for cooking and baking.

  • 4x sweeter than sugar
  • perfect for people with diabetes
  • low in calories
  • granulated like sugar
  • gluten free

1 tbsp Sweete  = 1/4 cup sugar

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