Sweete by name. Sweete by nature. 

For at least 500 years, the tender, sweet leaves of the ‘sweetleaf’ plant (Stevia rebaudiana) have been used by South Americans to sweeten their food. Other countries have finally caught on to this, and are now enjoying the benefits of this amazing, naturally sweet plant. Sweete is made from the steviol glycoside Rebaudoside A, which is extracted from the sweetest part of the Stevia plant. 

Sweete is not an artificial sweetener - it's s sweetener made from the leaves of the Stevia plant. Sweete is ideal in tea, coffee, smoothies, on your cereal, or in any food that could use a little sweetening. It’s granulated so it feels like sugar, looks like sugar and even tastes like it.  Best of all, it’s surprisingly low in calories compared to sugar, so you can treat yourself to the sweeter things in life, without the guilt! 

People With Diabetes

If you have  diabetes, or are watching your weight or have a sugar intolerance, Sweete is an ideal substitute. With only 1Cal (3KJ) of energy per sachet, you can enjoy that delicious sweet taste without the calories that go with it.

One sachet of Sweete is roughly equivalent to one level teaspoon of sugar when it comes to sweetness.

For those with diabetes, click here to find out more about how Sweete can be of benefit to you. Or if you’re watching your weight, check out our nutritional chart below – you’ll see that compared to sugar, Sweete’s figures sure stack up.


Sweete Sachet

2g Serving

White Sugar

4g level teaspoon


3kJ (1 Cal)

68Kj (16 Cal)



Not detected

Not detected

Fat - Total



Fat - Saturated






One 2g Sweete sachet has sweetness of one teaspoon of sugar approximately. 

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Sweete is a product of Weider Asia and manufactured in South Korea.

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