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Sweete® contains the natural sweetener Stevia.

Sweete is a great tasting alternative to sugar. Sweete is granulated so it feels like sugar, looks like sugar and even tastes like sugar. Try Sweete in tea, coffee, smoothies, on your cereal, or in any food that could use a little sweetening.
Benefits to using Sweete instead of sugar include  lower in calories, made from Stevia, tastes delicious, ideal for people with diabetes and gluten free.
In taste testing, consumers said “nice taste!”, “looks more like sugar than any of them”,
“Kids wouldn’t know the difference”.
Sweete is perfect for anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Baking-Pack (2)

Sweete for cooking and baking

Natural sweetener for cooking and baking -
4x sweeter than sugar, perfect for people with diabetes and low in calories.
1 tbsp sweete  =
1/4 cup sugar

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Sweete Sachets to be discontinued. 

We will no longer be supplying Sweete Sachets as of September 30th or before if stock runs out. Sweete for cooking and baking is still available for purchase from our online shop.
For more information call 0508 4 Sweete
(0508 479 338)
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